what I know about faith God

What God knows about me.


Love thy neighbour.
Love thy gay neighbour.
Love thy transgender neighbour.
Love thy minority neighbour.
Love thy Muslim neighbour.
Love thy Hindu neighbour.
Love thy Sikh neighbour.
Love thy pagan neighbour.
Love thy atheist neighbour.
Love thy communist neighbour.
Love thy conservative neighbour.
Love thy alcoholic neighbour.
Love thy addicted neighbour.
Love thy imperfect neighbour.
Love thy God created neighbour.

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Saint Michael Pray For Us!

HAPPY FEAST DAY OF ST. MICHAEL!!!! September 29th. :)


Confession is quite wonderful because it can get hard to carry our crosses when we have shackles on our feet.

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Leon Bonnat - Christ Crucifixion


For God so loved the world that He sent His one and only Son to die for your mean neighbor and your crazy roommate and the picketing bigot and the racist blogger and your gay friend and all the politicians and our crazy parents and the pastor down the street and the uptight religious folk and the girl at work you can’t stand, because Jesus didn’t just die for the people you like, but for people like you and me.

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You are more than
the number on a scale,
the number of followers
you have on Instagram,
the score on a test,
the clothes you have
in your closet.
Your worth is not defined
by the material things.
God created you to be
so much more. (via ocean-chasing)
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listening to a good song but it was in a shrek film so the entire time ur like


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If this post gets 100 notes by the morning I’ll walk around school all day tomorrow playing Bohemian Rhapsody from my speaker

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